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Rob Bevan, Tom Harvey and Tim Wright

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Caroline -
Mira Dovreni
David -
Paul Duncan

Simon -
Mike Stone
Sophie -
Sabra Williams
Groomstole -
Alan Plater
Red -
Nigel Burch

Budgie -

Sir Gerald Inomynte -
David Glover
The voice of Caroline’s mother -
Ruth Silvestre
Other voices -
Keith Wickham & Rachel Ogilvy

Lighting camera -
John Curran
Still Photographer -
Paul Bevan
Production Assistant -
Sarah Carter
Equipment -
Transport/Cold Storage -

Producer –
Claire Whittenbury
Lighting camera –
Nuala Campbell
Runner –
Paul Dooner

XPT would like to thank
Philippa Watson for providing the location
(and many of the props) for Online Caroline


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